Tao and Shiatsu
Initial appointment (1 1/2 Std.):          135,- €
per treatment 60,- €
Shiatsu/Chi Nei Tsang/Massage:             
per treatment
70,- €
per treatment
90,- €


Please refer directly to the announcements under the keyword events for prices of courses and other events.
I am paid for my services in cash. Private health insurance and supplementary Heilpraktiker-Insurance generally refund the cost of treatment. If there is any question or doubt please feel free to ask me. I'll happy to help!


You will receive a final invoice after completion of treatment or when required. Long-term therapies will recieve interm invoices.

Appointment cancellation

An agreed appointment that is cancelled or postponed at least 24 hours in advance is not subject to charge. Cancellation without advance notice or short-term cancellation is subject to charge.

Important Notice

My service as a Heilpraktiker is not covered by German public health insurance. Holders of this type of insurance will need to pay for my services out-of-pocket.
Private health insurance usually covers the cost of my services. If you have private insurance, you will receive a refund based on the terms of your individual insurance. I based my billing on the Schedule of Fees for medical practitioners (GebüH).

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